Research Areas

The DEEE has a high calibre qualified academic staff, engaged in effective and efficient teaching and research, thriving the delivery of quality education. The DEEE academic staff offers their services in variety of extracurricular professional activities as well, leading to institutional, national and international research and development. The Department has a strong research environment. Its own postgraduate program offers research based degrees/diplomas such as PGDip, MScEng, MPhil and PhD. The department receives funds from various research grants through the university and government and also through collaborations that the department has with the industry and foreign universities.

Average H-index of an academic staff member in the department is 9. This is the highest in any engineering department in Sri Lanka. Prof. J.B. Ekanayake and Dr. S.A.H.A. Suraweera have highest H-indexes in engineering in Sri Lanka. 


Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing


AI and ML Applications for Smart Grid
ML and DL in Robotic Applications
AI for Epidemiology – Modeling and Forecasting
Digital Signal Processing 
Computer Vision and Remote Sensing and Surveillance
Spectral Imaging for Remote Sensing, Food and Agriculture
Image Enhancement
Agent Based Modeling for Smart Grid Applications
Biomedical Signal Processing
Image or Video processing and Analysis
Signal and Image Processing in Radar Applications
Statistical Signal Processing

Biomedical Engineering


Biomedical Signal Processing 
Bio-Imaging – Fetal Condition Monitoring 
Artificial Pancreas for type 1 Diabetes
Medical Image Analysis
Computational neuroscience
Computational epidemiology
Sensorymotor integration 
Biomedical Instrumentation
AI for Bio-Medicine
Fetal Condition Monitoring
PC-based Medical Devices

Communication and Information Engineering

Com and IE

Antenna or Broadband Antenna Design
Communication Networks and Information Security
Design of Antennas for Ground Penetrating Radar
Use of Genetic Algorithms to Optimize Antenna
Microstrip Antennas
Computational Electromagnetics
Video Coding and Transmission, Error Correction Codes 
Molecular Communication
Optical Wireless Communication, Coherent Optical Transmission
Digital Radio Links
RF & Sound Energy
Voice over IP - Protocols and Signaling
Linux Embedded Systems
Speech Recognition and Synthesis
Digital Audio Restoration, Computer Music
Green Communications
Full-duplex Transmission
Wireless Interference Management, Wireless Security 
Cognitive Radio
Multi-antenna Communication Systems


Electronics and Instrumentation


Control, Protection and Driving Circuits for Power Electronics Systems
Microwave Circuit/system Design, Microwave Radar
Nano Electronic Devices
Organic Electronic Devices
Power Electronic Converters
VLSI design optimization
Active Sensing
Biomedical Instrumentation and Medical Devices
Sensor Fusion
Analog Integrated Circuit Design
Automated Signature Detection in Signals
Estimation and Tracking
Adaptive Noise Cancellation
Wireless Sensor Networks

Power, High Voltage and Energy


Renewable-Energy Conversion
Power Electronic Applications
Fast Battery Chargers
Grid-Edge Energy-Integration
Electrical Machine based Drives
Renewable Energy Generation and Integration
Smart Grids - AI and ICT applications 
Condition Monitoring
Lightning Protection
Power System Analyses
EV Powertrain control
Solar PV systems, Organic Solar Cells, Modelling and Simulation
Electric Vehicles
AI, Control and Optimization Techniques for Renewable Energy Integration
Agent Based Modeling in Power Systems
Multilevel Inverters
SRM Motor Drives and PV Applications
Smart Meter Data Analytics and Optimization

Control, Robotics and Automation


Control, Robotics and Automation systems Design
Controllers for Power Electronic Applications
Optimal Control Theory and Optimization
Dynamic Systems and Control Theory
Nonlinear Systems and Control
Complex Dynamic Systems
Computer Vision for Autonomous Navigation
System Modeling and Identification
Mobile Robotics
Bioinspired Robotics
Industrial Robotics
Computer Vision
AI Applications in Robotic Control
Filed Robotics (Agricultural Robotics/ Underwater Robotics/ Service Robotics)
Computer Vision for Autonomous Navigation
Fuzzy Control for Autonomous Navigation

Research Groups

Department has several active groups conducting research within the department as well as in collaboration with National and International partners.

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