Laboratories within the Department

Project-based learning or hands-on experience is an essential part of acquiring knowledge in engineering education, where the role of experimental setup and use of advanced technology in solving real-world problems. Further, experimentation induces a desire to learn in students and supports them in understanding the practical aspects of engineering education. The department has an integrated laboratory that caters to students not only in the electrical and electronic engineering field but also in other engineering disciplines to perform experiments based on both the basic and advanced concepts of electrical science/engineering. The laboratory consists of several sub-laboratories that belong to the following sub-disciplines: AISP, BME, CIE, EI, PHE, and RCA, and all are well-equipped with several experimental setups, and packages for real-time experiments. In addition, a separate project area with well-equipped individual laboratory setups is allocated to students for their undergraduate projects and research work.


Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing Laboratory



This laboratory was developed with the aim of promoting collaborative research in broader aspects of signal processing, systems theory and sensor networks focused towards intelligent systems with a “human perception”. This laboratory is specifically geared towards research in extraction, processing, classification and modelling various real-life signals resulting from acoustics, vision, electromagnetic, electro-mechanical and multimodal systems. Read more ...

Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

BME lab


The Biomedical Engineering (BME) lab is one of the emerging labs at DEEE and it focuses on areas related to Electrophysiological Signal acquisition and analysis, Medical image and signal processing, Design and development of bioinstruments, and related activities. The lab has recently acquired a BioRadio wireless physiologic signal acquisition hardware and Biocapture software system along with the complete CleveLabs Biomedical Engineering laboratory suite. The lab is also equipped with all the sophisticated equipment needed to design and develop bioinstruments. Read more ...

Communication and Information Engineering Laboratories

Com Lab

This lab caters to the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research. The work carried out by the communications laboratory focuses on digital and RF communications, Antennas, Radar technology, and Telecommunication switching, etc. The lab is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to provide hands on experience for the future telecommunication engineers. There are several more labs, covering different branches of telecommunication, belong to this main lab; Optical Communication Laboratory, RF and Microwave Laboratory, PCB Fabrication Laboratory, and Sri Lanka Telecom Research Laboratory. Read more ...

Electronics and Instrumentation Laboratory


Electronic and Instrumentation laboratory of DEEE focuses on analog electronics to digital logic designs and instrumentation. State-of-the-art laboratory test equipment including analog and digital oscilloscopes, logic analysers, programmable function generators, isolated-tracking-adjustable-dual power supplies, FPGA development kits, multichannel analog and digital DAQ cards, industrial embedded computers, logic design demo boards, microprocessor and microcontroller development kits, and many other equipment. Read more ...

Power, Energy and High Voltage Laboratories


Department has a state of the art power system laboratory that is extensively used for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research. A number of hardware setups that can be used to mimic generation, transmission, and distribution systems and their control are available in the laboratory. Further, the lab also equipped with commercial software such as PSCAD/EMTDC, PSS/E, and IPSA. High Voltage, Power Electronics and Industrial Systems, Power and Energy, Electrical Machines and Drives, and Smart Grid laboratories are also belong to the Power Systems laboratory. Read more ...

Control, Robotics and Automation Laboratory


The Controls, Automation and Robotics laboratory guides and conducts practical experiments for undergraduate and graduate students following courses in this area. The lab is equipped with laboratory setups and tools specifically tailored to effectively and efficiently deliver the fundamentals as well as advanced concepts of analogue and digital control of electrical and electro-mechanical systems, modern control systems including real time and distributed systems, industrial automation systems, industrial control systems and mobile robotics. Read more ...



Computer Resources


Computer Lab

The Department maintains its own autonomous Computer Network while still being a part of the main university network. This facility allows students to use some of the advanced simulation tools for their laboratory, project and research work. The continuous research and development in the department give the opportunity to students to conduct their projects and research in multi-disciplinary areas in electrical and electronic engineering and showcase their projects to the public and the industry in the annual student project symposium organized by the department.






Sri Lanka Telecom Research Laboratory


SLT research Lab

The installed lab setup demonstrates a service provider IP network. The setup consists of every major node in an IP network and an end-to-end simulation of IP services. Students are able to gain knowledge on a service provider IP network and get a hands-on experience on each node in the system since it is completely standalone. Therefore, this will undoubtedly be a valuable addition to the department.

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