The course in Electrical and Electronic Engineering is designed to equip the student with a sound knowledge and understanding of all the sub disciplines of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.


In depth practical knowledge, high degree of analytical skills, ability to handle subject specific simulation tools, ability to handle software-based applications, sound knowledge in design, and development of the soft skills throughout the degree course provide the best combination for a students to graduate as a well-qualified electrical and electronic engineer.


DEEE provides students with core course modules, technical electives, projects and other facilities in order them to specialize in one or more of the following six sub-disciplines under the hood of Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Engineering, Electronics, Communication, Power & Energy and Robotics & Control.


The postgraduate program at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DEEE) paves the way for research and advanced studies in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.


DEEE offers the students an excellent opportunity to explore the knowledge and become experts in the field through two programs: the Regular MSc and the Double Degree Master program in Wireless Communications Engineering. The regular postgraduate program has been designed in such a way that there are three specializations in MSc Engineering as Electrical Power Applications, Communication and Information Engineering and Control & Instrumentation.

Postgraduate Programs

The prime objective of the PG program in the Department is to cater to the continuing education needs of Engineers practicing in industry in a broad range of sub-disciplines in Electrical Engineering. The programs include PG. Dip (SLQF L8), Masters (SLQF L9), M.Eng (SLQF L9), MSc (SLQF L10), MSc.Eng (SLQF L10), Double Degree in Wireless Communication-MSc.Eng (SLQF L10), and fully research based options: M.Phil (SLQF L11) and Ph.D (SLQF L12).

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