All the Department members are included in the Postgraduate Teaching Panel. More information about the each memeber, his/her research interests, projects, etc can be found in the ACADEMIC STAFF page.




Prof. Ekanayake E.M.N., B.Sc.Eng.(Ceylon), M.Sc.Eng.(London), Ph.D (McMaster), MIEEE (Emeritus Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Research Interests: Digital communication theory, Performance evaluation and transmission analysis, Modulation, Error Correction Coding, Wireless communications, Performance in Fading channels and diversity reception, Satellite communications


Dr. Elkaduwe D., B.Sc. Eng. (Peradeniya), Ph.D. (UNSW) (Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya)

Research Interests: Operating systems, formal verification, GPU programming


Dr. Kumara J.R.S.S., B.Sc.Eng. (Peradeniya), M.Phil. (Peradeniya), Tech. Lic. (Chalmers), Ph.D. (Chalmers), MIEEE, AMIESL

Research Interest: Numerical stimulation of electrical discharges, Surface charges on polymeric materials, High voltage insulation systems, Energy saving, Power system modeling


Dr. Nawinne I. B., B.Sc. Eng. (Peradeniya), Ph.D. (UNSW) (Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya)

Research Interests: Electronics Design Automation, High Performance Systems, Reconfigurable Computing, Artificial Intelligence


Dr. Radhakrishnan S, B.Tech (IT-BHU), Ph.D. (UNSW)(Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya)

Research Interests: System Level Synthesis of Application Specific Processors, Area and Power Tradeoff of Embedded Processor Design, Multi Pipeline Processor Design and Synthesis, Heterogeneous Pipelines in Embedded Processors


Prof. Ragel R.G., B.Sc.Eng.(Peradeniya), Ph.D. (UNSW), MIET, MIEEE (Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya)

Research Interests: Embedded Systems - Architectural Support for Reliability and Security, Security issues on Embedded Processors, Side Channel Attacks, Application Specific Processor Design with Performance and Area Tradeoff


Dr. Senadeera P.M., B.Sc.Physics (Peradeniya), B.Sc. Computer Science (Ohio), MSEE (Ohio), Ph.D. (North Carolina), MIEEE (Department of Electronics, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka)

Research Interests: RF and Microwave systems – System, circuit and sub circuit designs, Mixed signal VLSI design, Analog IC design, Digital Electronics design


Dr. S.N. Karunarathne, B.Sc. Eng. (Peradeniya), M.Sc. Eng. (France), PhD (Oulu Finland) (Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya)

Research Interests: Network Security, Mobility Management, Fast Initial Authentication, Load Balancing, Network Virtualization, Wireless Communication, Software Defined Networks, Internet of Things (IoT)


Prof. (Ms.) D. S. K. Karunasinghe, B.Sc. Eng. (Peradeniya), PhD (NUS Singapore) (Department of Engineering Mathematics, University of Peradeniya)

Research interests: Soft-computing methods(ANN, SVM, Evolutionary Computation) applied in engineering problems, Numerical modeling, Time series analysis.


Dr. P. Dharmawansa, B.Sc. Eng. (Moratuwa) and M.Sc. Eng. (Moratuwa) and D. Eng. (AIT, Thailand) (Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, University of Moratuwa)

Research Interests: Communication theory, Statistical signal processing, Random matrices, Space-time processing and MIMO system, Wireless communications, Multivariate analysis


Dr. C. K. Walgampaya, B.Sc. Eng. (Peradeniya), MSc (Louisville), PhD (Louisville) (Department of Engineering Mathematics, University of Peradeniya)

Research Interests: Web Mining, Machine learning and Operations Research


Eng. Rajiv Weragama, B.Sc. Eng. (Peradeniya) and M.Sc. Eng. (Peradeniya) (Sri Lanka Telecom)

Research Interests: Internet of Things, Optical and Wireless Communication Networks, Broadband TV, Service Management, and Improvements


Dr. P. C. Weeraddana, B.Sc. Eng. (Moratuwa), M. Eng. (AIT, Thailand), Ph.D (Oulu, Finaland)(Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, University of Moratuwa)

Research Interests: Application of optimization techniques in various application domains, such as signal processing, wireless communications, and smart grids.


Dr. H.M. Wijekoon, B.Sc.Eng.(Pera), M.Eng.(Thailand), Ph.D. (Singapore), C.Eng, MIEE (Ceylon Electricity Board)

Research Interests: Power system stability, renewable integration, power quality related studies, distribution system improvement studies



Postgraduate Coordinators

Regular Program Dr. W.A.N.I. Harischandra DrNHarischandra
+94 81239 3427
DD Program in Wireless Communication Dr. D.M.I.S.I. Dasanayake DrIsuruDasanayake
+94 81239 3401



Postgraduate Secretary

MsMMahindaratne Ms. Manushi Mahindarathna
+94 81239 3450



ALUMNI (POSTGRADUATES - Recently Passed Out)

Below, you will find recent graduates passed out from the Postgraduate Program of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Here, we have also included completed PhDs and MPhil degrees as well. Field of Specialization: EPA - Electric Power Applications, CIE - Communications and Information Engineering, CI - Control and Instrumentation, DD - Double Degree Program in Wireless Communication.


Ms. Umasha H.E.J. PG/EE/19/MSc/56 M.Sc.Eng. Ayurvedic Nadi measurement and diagnostic system CI
Mr. Dhananjaya H.A.D.S. PG/EE/17/MSc/08 M.Sc.Eng. Dynamic position sensor error diagnosis and quantification 
in PMSM drives
Mr. Chandrasiri P.H.I.M. PG/EE/18/MSc/04 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Wickramasinghe W.M.S.P.B. PG/EE/19/MSc/57 M.Sc.Eng. - CI
Ms. Kavisekara W.V. PG/EE/20/MSc/07 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Ms. Rathnayake H.M.C.P. PG/EE/20/MSc/12 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Ms. Ilangasinghe I.B.M.T.P. PG/EE/20/MSc/29 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Yapa Y.M.C.N.B. PG/EE/20/MSc/41 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Nalin H.H.D. PG/EE/18/MSc/19 M.Sc.Eng.   EPA
Mr. Ranaweera R.A.O.S. PG/EE/20/MSc/35 M.Sc.Eng. Energy cost optimization of water supply schemes by using IoT, Machine Learning to face the economic crisis of Sri Lanka EPA
Mr. Lakmal S.D.S. PG/EE/19/MSc/15 M.Sc.Eng.   EPA
Ms. Dissawa D.M.L.H.  PG/PhD/16/07 Ph.D. Utilization of Inexpensive Sky-Imaging Technology for Irradiance Forecasting of Distributed Solar PV Generation -
Mr. Palitharathna U.G.R.K.W.S. PG/PhD/17/08 Ph.D. Design and Analysis of Indoor and Underwater Visible Light Communication Systems -
Mr. Herath H.M.A.A.B. PG/MPhil/18/04 M.Phil. Study on the Possibility to Improve Power System Flexibility Through Optimal Operations of the Grid Resources -
Mr. Kumara H.P.R.C.  PG/EE/16/MSc/24 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Udagedara U.M.T.D. PG/EE/17/MSc/44 M.Sc.Eng. Enhancing Driving Range of an EV using a photovoltaic System EPA
Mr. Samarasinghe S. M. H. K. PG/EE/18/MSc/41 M.Sc.Eng. Traffic Prediction in mobile networks using neural networks  CIE
Mr. Dayarathna M. K. M. PG/EE/19/MSc/06 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Prabhath G. W. K.  PG/EE/19/MSc/61 M.Sc.Eng. Condition assessment of Algal contaminated HV insulation : A near ultraviolet spectral imaging technique CIE
Mr. Dilruksha P.C. PG/EE/17/MSc/10 M.Sc.Eng. Condition Monitoring of 3311kV Distribution Power Transformers EPA
Mr. Kandapahala K.G.C. PG/EE/18/MSc/14 M.Sc.Eng. Modeling of a QPSK Optical Coherent Transmission System with Linear Imparaments and Performance Measurements CIE
Ms. Basnayake B.M.V.C. PG/EE/18/MSc/35 M.Sc.Eng. Federated Learning for enhanced sensor reliability of automated wireless networks DD
Mr. Kulathilaka P.H.I. PG/EE/18/MSc/39 M.Sc.Eng. Hardware-based implementation of a lattice reduction algorithm for 5G-NR uplink reception DD
Mr. Batewela B.V.S.I. PG/EE/18/MSc/36 M.Sc.Eng. Towards reliable and low-latency vehicular edge computing networks  DD
Ms. Rajapaksha R.N.S. PG/EE/18/MSc/40 M.Sc.Eng. Potential Deep Learning Approaches for the Physical Layer  DD
Mr. Ganewattha C.A. PG/EE/18/MSc/38 M.Sc.Eng. Wireless Channel Load Stress Analysis using FPGAs at the Edge  DD
Mr. Ekanayake E.M.A.A. PG/EE/18/MSc/37 M.Sc.Eng. Joint admission and association in vehicular networks DD
Mr. Thushan S. PG/EE/18/MSc/42 M.Sc.Eng. Positioning of multiple unmanned aerial vehicle base stations in future wireless networks  DD
Ms. Weerasinghe N.W.A.M.U.T.D.N. PG/EE/19/MSc/35 M.Sc.Eng. Blockchain-based roaming and offload service platform for local 5G operators DD
Mr. Perera B.U.N.P. PG/EE/19/MSc/20 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Duleeka K.T.G.M. PG/EE/19/MSc/07 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Godakumbura H.P.D.R. PG/EE/19/MSc/09 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Perera M.A.N. PG/EE/19/MSc/32 M.Sc.Eng. Design and implementation of a light-based IoT (LIoT) node using printed electronics  DD
Mr. Premaratne N.P.P.A. PG/EE/10/MSc/17 M.Sc.Eng. Identification of Power quality issues due to the penetration of Solar PV in LV distribution network and mitigating the issues  EPA
Mr. Manorathne P. PG/EE/2006A/28 M.Sc.Eng. Design & implementation of credit management system for telecommunication industry CIE
Ms. Swarna G. PG/EE/11/MSc/49 M.Sc.Eng. Determinants of Domestic Load profiles using Electricity Consumption Data and Analysis of Energy loss for a LV Feeder EPA
Mr. Eranda W.R. PG/EE/19/MSc/41 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Ms. Kudahetti R.M. PG/EE/19/MSc/47 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Ms. Dissanayake D.M.U.G.J.K. PG/EE/17/MSc/11 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Kulasinghe W.M.N.D. PG/EE/19/MSc/13 M.Sc. - CI
Mr. Ranasinghe R.A.T.P. PG/EE/19/MSc/22 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Wijesundara W.M.A.I. PG/EE/19/MSc/30 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Ekanayake S.K.K.B. PG/EE/12/MSc/10 M.Sc.Eng. Dynamic Modeling of Ageing of Transformer paper insulation EPA
Mr. Herath H.C.M. PG/EE/16/MSc/13 M.Sc.Eng. Classification of Hyperspectral remote sensing images with machine learning CIE
Mr. Herath H.M.T.M. PG/EE/15/MSc/15 M.Sc.Eng. Effects of Biological Growth on MV Porcelain Insulators and selecting Optimum Cleaning Method – A Case Study at Ampara  EPA
Mr. Amirthan P. PG/EE/18/MSc/34 M.Sc.Eng. Network Security for augmented reality application in health care sector  DD
Ms. Kalani J.T. PG/EE/19/MSc/46 M.Sc. - CI
Mr. Ekanayake E.M.S.L.B. PG/EE/20/MSc/04 M.Sc. Black Tea Adulteration Detection using multispectral imaging CI
Mr. Thevathayarajh T. PG/EE/19/MSc/26 M.Sc. - CI
Ms. Madhuwanthi M.B.D. PG/EE/19/MSc/49 M.Sc. - CI
Ms. Samaraweera K.T.D.C. PG/EE/19/MSc/53 M.Sc. - CI
Mr. Hettiarachchi U.B.  PG/EE/17/MSc/11 M.Sc.Eng. On-site efficiency estimation of totally enclosed fan cooled induction motors of water pumps EPA
Mr. Samarakoon S. M. S. M. B.  PG/EE/20/MSc/20 M.Sc.Eng. Generation of a dataset for network intrusion detection in a real 5G environment DD
Mr. Gamaethige S. R.  PG/EE/20/MSc/15 M.Sc.Eng. Reduced complexity multicast beamforming and group assignment schemes for multi antenna coded caching  DD
Mr. Ranasinghe K. W. M. K. P. PG/EE/20/MSc/19 M.Sc.Eng. Predictive over the air sensing and controlling under limited communication and computational resources DD
Mr. Perera U.L.J.T. PG/EE/17/MSc/31 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Lankeshwara G.C. PG/EE/18/MSc/16 M.Sc.Eng. Short term wind speed forecasting and economic dispatch with wind power EPA
Mr. Perera .U.L.S.S. PG/EE/13/Msc/36 M.Sc.Eng. Accuracy testing of the measured reactive power in harmonic polluted load conditions for Sri Lankan heavy supply electricity consumer EPA
Ms. Illangarathna I.P.S.P.K. PG/EE/16/MSc/15 M.Sc.Eng. Energy management system for neighborhood EV based taxi parking station EPA
Mr. Amarasena W.D.M.S. PG/EE/15/MSc/03 M.Sc.Eng. A combine data forecasting model to predict disaster situations (Landslides)based on physical properties CIE
Mr. Ambanwala A.M.P.B.  PG/EE/16/MSc/05 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Kuruppuarachchi K.A.B.D.  PG/EE/17/MSc/23 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mrs. Weerasinghe G.R.A.P. PG/EE/17/MSc/45 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Prashanth K. PG/EE/19/MSc/33 M.Sc.Eng. Classification of mosquitoes based on the spectral features of their noise CIE
Ms. Wijethunge A.H. PG/PhD/14/12  Ph.D. Maximizing Renewable Energy Integration into Distribution Networks through Clustering Approach, Dynamic Line Rating and Demand Side Management -
Mr. Bandara A.I.M.H. PG/MPhil/16/02 M.Phill. Energy efficient utilization of solar PV through a DC Microgrid -
Mr. Attanayake H.A.M.C.R.B. PG/EE/15/MSc/02 M.Sc.Eng. Power quality impacts of grid tied PV inverters on low voltage distribution networks - A case study in Negambo EPA
Mr. Ihalagedara I.C.M.B.  PG/EE/15/MSc/16 M.Sc.Eng. Active power compensation using electric spring concept in load banks, including cable losses EPA
Mr. Senanayake H.M.S.P. PG/EE/10/MSc/19 M.Sc.Eng. Medium voltage distribution feeder protecting and coordination EPA
Mr. Sithara J.P.D.M. PG/EE/15/MSc/38 M.Sc.Eng. Channel occupancy prediction in cognitive radio systems CIE
Ms. Kopiga S. PG/EE/11/MSc/22 M.Sc.Eng. Study of the diversity factor of Sri Lankan distribution loads using Monte-Carlo based simulation techniques EPA
Mr. Amarasinghe R.D.G.R. PG/EE/16/MSc/02 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Attaragama D.C. PG/EE/16/MSc/07 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Ms. Wanigasekara W.M.M.S. PG/EE/16/MSc/41 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Wijesinghe K.L.W. PG/EE/16/MSc/44 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Premarathna H.G.L.C. PG/EE/17/MSc/32 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Senavirathna M.R.I.D. PG/EE/17/MSc/41 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. De Silva T.N.M. PG/EE/18/MSc/06 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mrs. Perera R.A.S.D. PG/EE/18/MSc/20 M.Sc.Eng. - CIE
Ms. Senanayake H.R.J.H.M.K. PG/EE/18/MSc/23 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Udapamunuwa E.W.R.C.L.B. PG/EE/18/MSc/26 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Udapitiya U.G.R.S. PG/EE/18/MSc/27 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Wickramasinghe C.B. PG/EE/18/MSc/31 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Wijesinghe D.N.D. PG/EE/18/MSc/32 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Wijesinghe W.G.K.P.K. PG/EE/18/MSc/33 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Ekanayake E.M.G.E.B.  PG/EE/15/MSc/11 M.Sc.Eng. Fake image detection in copy paste and colorized images CIE
Ms. Thowfeek F.  PG/EE/14/Msc/51 M.Sc.Eng. Study on the operations of Mahaweli cascaded reservoirs during flood seasons EPA
Mr. Senanayake S.M.P.S PG/EE/14/Msc/46 M.Sc.Eng. Design and implementation of the analog front end and the diigital control circuits for a transformer aging detector CIE
Mr. Paris M.M.P.M. PG/EE/13/Msc/35 M.Sc.Eng. Quasi resonant DC link based pulse charger with zero current switching and isolation for electric vehicles with with vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capability EPA
Mr. Bulumulla W.R.W.M.Y.S.B PG/EE/12/MSc/04 M.Sc.Eng. Enhanced resilience for software defined network enabled data center networks CIE
Ms. Welagedara W.K.L.P.K. PG/EE/11/MSc/54 M.Sc.Eng. Estimation of LV network losses EPA
Ms. Kurera N.S.A.  PG/EE/09/MSc/07 M.Sc.Eng. Lightening effect on surge arrester positioning of a distribution substation EPA
Mr. Ihalagedara  I.A.B.M.S. PG/EE/10/MSc/04 M.Sc.Eng. Analysis of transformer dissolved gas data using a machine learning algorithm and ionterpreting classified data for development of a fault prediction tool EPA
Mr. Karunarathne S.J.G.R. PG/EE/10/MSc/10 M.Sc.Eng. Improvement of Ceylon Electricity Board distribution protection to enahance system relability EPA
Ms. Sudarshani W.P.S. PG/EE/10/MSc/20 M.Sc.Eng. Voltage improvements to rural electricity distribution network EPA
Mr. Jayasundara W.D.D.N.  PG/EE/15/MSc/18 M.Sc.Eng. Design and analysis radio frequency energy harvesting system for temperature sensor application CIE
Ms. Adikari P.L.K. PG/EE/11/MSc/02 M.Sc.Eng. Techniques to mitigate the violation of operation constrains in the medium voltage distribution system unde addition of distributed mini hydro generation EPA
Ms. Ariyasinghe A.H. PG/EE/11/MSc/06 M.Sc.Eng. Optimizing underground medium voltage distribution network of Sri Lanka with minimized sheath and armor losses EPA
Mr. Jayasinghe C.M. PG/EE/11/MSc/18 M.Sc.Eng. Automating the process of capturing and classification of partial discharges in synchronous generators EPA
Mr. Jayathilaka H.C. PG/EE/11/MSc/19 M.Sc.Eng. Design of an effective earth electrode for distribution substation EPA
Mr. Mallawaarachchi M.A.S.K. PG/EE/11/MSc/31 M.Sc.Eng. Abnormal vehicle movement detection and monitoring CIE
Mr. Sajith N.T.M PG/EE/11/MSc/44 M.Sc.Eng. Accident detection and surveillance CIE
Mr. Dunukedeniya U.S. PG/EE/12/MSc/08 M.Sc.Eng. Analyzing the possibility of blending aged mineral oil used in transformers with different vegetable oils and analyze oil breakdown voltage characteristics EPA
Mr. Gamage C.H.D. PG/EE/12/MSc/13 M.Sc.Eng. Methods to determine the maximum penetration level of solar PV to a low voltage electricity network EPA
Mr. Ruparathne S.M. PG/EE/12/MSc/23 M.Sc.Eng. Data traffic management using call data record mining CIE
Mr. Ariyarathne .A.S. PG/EE/13/Msc/02 M.Sc.Eng. Identification of reasons for short circuit development and bulge deformations in salient pole field windings - A case study EPA
Mr. Bandara .H.M.D.N. PG/EE/13/Msc/03 M.Sc.Eng. Study on harmonics introduced by domestic solar inverters and its effect on domestic energy metering EPA
Mr. Liyanage L.H.K. PG/EE/13/Msc/27 M.Sc.Eng. Battery packaging and usage strategies for capacity enhancement EPA
Mr. Silva .J.D.L. PG/EE/13/Msc/47 M.Sc.Eng. Precision angular motion control with mems rate gyroscope feedback (A simulation study) CI
Mr. Wijethilake .K.E. PG/EE/13/Msc/54 M.Sc.Eng. Modelling issues in Electrical impedance tomography based scanning CIE
Ms. Apekshini K.A.D.M.  PG/EE/14/Msc/03 M.Sc.Eng. Reducing the auxillary power consumption of Lakvijaya power station by retrofitting induced fan motors with variable frequenciy drives EPA
Mr. Hippola D.  PG/EE/14/Msc/16 M.Sc.Eng. Indoor localization using WLAN signal strength based fingerprinting techniques CIE
Ms. Madubhashini K.P. PG/EE/14/Msc/20 M.Sc.Eng. Study on optimal power generation in Mahaweli complex reservoirs at normal operation conditions EPA
Ms. Kumarasinghe S.M.  PG/EE/14/Msc/27 M.Sc.Eng. Methods to retrofit existing building to improve energy performance case study EPA
Ms. Kumari D.L.K.S. PG/EE/14/Msc/29 M.Sc.Eng. Design and analyzing of optimized solar photovoltaic system for greater Rathnapura water treatment plant EPA
Mr. Wanniarachchi H.W.R.D. PG/EE/14/Msc/42 M.Sc.Eng. A comparative cost study for the development of FTTH in Sri Lanka CIE
Mr. Sooriyadasa D.P.K PG/EE/12/MSc/28 M.Sc.Eng. A methodology to identify harmonic sources and their contributions in a matured distribution networks EPA
Mr. Weerasekara W.M.K.G.  PG/EE/14/Msc/53 M.Sc.Eng. Analysis of HV circuit breaker overall condition monitoring with dynamic resistance measurement EPA
Mr. De Silva A.D. PG/EE/15/MSc/08 M.Sc.Eng. Effects of biological grwoth on MV porcelain insulators and selecting optimum cleaning method - A case study at Ampara EPA
Mr. Jayalath J.S.U. PG/EE/15/MSc/17 M.Sc.Eng. Brain tumor detection using histogram and k-mean methods for MRI axial TI images CIE
Mrs. Kumari W.A.L.V. PG/EE/15/MSc/23 M.Sc.Eng. Performance comparison between ONOS latest version SDN controller vs ODL latest version SDN controller CIE
Mr. Ranasinghe H.M.P.B.  PG/EE/15/MSc/28 M.Sc.Eng. Improvement of the characteristics of planar microwave components with the substrate integrated coaxial lines (SICL) techniques CIE
Mr. Siriwardena M.J.C.S.  PG/EE/15/MSc/37 M.Sc.Eng. Analysis of protection and control aspects on integrating PV systems for off-grid operation in Sri Lankan distribution networks EPA
Mr. Ranaweera R.N. PG/EE/17/MSc/37 M.Sc.Eng. Driver assisted steering system for reversing an articulated vehicle CI
Mr. Prabodha S.W.N.  PG/EE/11/Dip/38 PG.Dip. Base station remote monitoring system for Telecom sites in Sri Lanka CIE
Mr. Vidanapathirana A.C. PG/PhD/09/12 Ph.D. Correct by Design Methodology for the Control of Safty-Critical Complex Reactive Systems -
Mr. Herath H.M.M.G.T. PG/MPhil/16/04 M.Phill. Partial Discharge Based Condition Assesment of Generator Stator Windings -
Mr. Jayarathna P.D.C.U. PG/MPhil/14/09 M.Phill. Feasibility of using a solid state Transformer (SST) for PV Integration -
Mr. Aravinda G.A.T.N. PG/EE/16/MSc/06 M.Sc.Eng. Verification of Condition Monitoring Techniques used for Power Transformers Through Field Study EPA
Mr. Dissanayake L.P.S.S. PG/EE/13/MSc/09 M.Sc.Eng. Propagation Model Tuning for LTE 2600MHz(Band 38) CIE
Mr. Ekanayake P.M.R.N.  PG/EE/13/MSc/13 M.Sc.Eng. Impulse Noise Mitigation in Single Antenna and Diversity Enabled OFDM Systems CIE
Mr. Ekanayake E.M.T.W.O.B. PG/EE/14/MSc/10 M.Sc.Eng. DC Lighting System for Domestic Consumers Using Grid Connected Photovoltaic- Battery System EPA
Mr. Ismail T.R. PG/EE/12/MSc/15 M.Sc.Eng. Full-Duplex Visible Light Communications with Spatial Modulation CIE
Mr. Jayashantha M.R. PG/EE/13/MSc/18 M.Sc.Eng. Investigating the Best MPPT Technique to Overcome Partial Shading Effects of PV Systems EPA
Ms. Karunarathna D.M.J.S. PG/EE/16/MSc/22 M.Sc.Eng. An Investigation on Line Losses of a Distribution Line with Domestic Photovoltaic Systems EPA
Mr. Kulasekara K.M.C.P. PG/EE/11/MSc/25 M.Sc.Eng. Performance Evaluation of a Modified Genetic Algorithm in Short Term Generation Scheduling EPA
Mr. Laksiri H.G.C.R. PG/EE/14/MSc/28 M.Sc.Eng. Design and Development of an IoT Based Smart Irrigation System to Optimize Water Supply to Plants CI
Mr. Mannauthum M.U.M.D.B. PG/EE/11/MSc/32 M.Sc.Eng. Short Term Load Forecasting for Sri Lankan Power System EPA
Mr. Navaneethan N. PG/EE/13/MSc/32 M.Sc.Eng. Feasibility and Cost Benefit Study of Utilizing Solar PV in Telecommunication Nodes in Jaffna District of Sri Lanka CIE
Mr. Pothuwila N.S. PG/EE/10/MSc/16 M.Sc.Eng. A Class Based Scheduling Algorithm for Optical Burst Switching CIE
Mr. Rathnayake M.P.N. PG/EE/13/MSc/39 M.Sc.Eng. Feasibility of Grid Support by Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic Systems EPA
Mr. Rathnayake R.M.G.H.N. PG/EE/13/MSc/40 M.Sc.Eng. Machine Learning Techniques for Automated Web Page Classification CIE
Ms. Sooriya Arachchi S.A.M.B. PG/EE/12/MSc/27 M.Sc.Eng. Pump Storage Power Plant and Inflow Forecast System for Bowatenna Dam EPA
Mr. Wijekoon A.W.M.R.B. PG/EE/14/MSc/56 M.Sc.Eng. Determining the Regulating Reserve Requirement with the integration of variable Renewable Energy Sources to the Sri Lankan Power System EPA
Mr. Jayasena M.D.N. PG/EE/16/MSc/16 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Jayathilake D.W.A. PG/EE/16/MSc/17 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Ms. Premachandra H.H.S.S. PG/EE/16/MSc/30 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Rajapaksha U.K.R.M.H. PG/EE/16/MSc/32 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Ranathunga M.G.H. PG/EE/16/MSc/33 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Samarasena K.S.B. PG/EE/16/MSc/37 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Surawimala W.M.N. PG/EE/16/MSc/40 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Bandara R.M.D.U. PG/EE/17/MSc/05 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Ms. Dayarathna S.A.N. PG/EE/17/MSc/07 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Karunarathna P.H.R.S.S. PG/EE/17/MSc/21 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Ms. Liyanaarachchi L.A.A.L. PG/EE/17/MSc/25 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Ms. Malaviarachchi T.U. PG/EE/17/MSc/27 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Priyadarshana R.U.P. PG/EE/17/MSc/34 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
Mr. Ranasinghe K.K.R. PG/EE/17/MSc/36 M.Sc.Eng. - EPA
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