It is important to guide students to realize their competencies and train them to plan the appropriate steps to make educational, training, and career choices and develop essential skills that will lead to personal, educational, economic, and social advancement for the individual. DEEE has a special program for guiding students to make the career selection early based on well-known four steps process. The students are also encouraged to approach the Faculty ITCGU and the University Career Guidance Unit as well.

DEEE Career Guidance Program

The AIM of the program is to impart the knowledge, skills and attitude to improve personality, interpersonal relationships and emotional intelligence so that the student become well rounded individual (Graduate profile) to meet the present day workforce requirements either in academia or in industry. The program consists of four steps: self assessment (phase 1), career exploration (phase 2), career match (phase 3) and action plan (phase 4).

Faculty Industrial Training and Career Guidance Unit

The ITCGU is responsible for planning and organizing activities in guiding students for gainful employment prospects in the fields of engineering. The undergraduates are assisted by the ITCGU to select their future careers to suit their abilities, wishes and expectations. This is to be achieved by means of enhancing the necessary attitude, motivation and the skills demanded by the engineering organizations both in the state and private sector.

Univeristy Career Guidance Unit

CGU vission is to provide opportunities for students to achieve their full potential, develop their careers, shape up the future and contribute to all aspects of life. In order to achieve their goals CGU offers students with courses, traning programs, career coaching and other resources, etc.

We Lead - Career Skills Society of UOP

The ultimate goal of the society is to guide career planning and develop the employability skills of Peradeniya graduates to reach their dream destinations in their professions. They are providing service to undergraduates and graduates. In addition, customized projects will be offered to the local community as services.


The workload and the competition of the program may lead to stress related depression in many of the engineering students. Some iron minded passing through the gates easily. But many students face difficulty and there is a need for counseling. You will think about whether or not there is someone who will speak to you and listen to your experience while not judging you or interfering, like a counselor or therapist. Fortunately, university provides such psychological support through the Health Center or other established units.

Counselling and Psychological Support Unit

CaPSU is the on-campus counselling service established at the Health Centre and has a dedicated phone line 0701343444 to contact the counsellors. The objective of this service is to help students with mental health problems, give a sympathetic hearing, provide advice and direct them for treatment to overcome such issues.

Health Center - University of Peradeniya

Health Center of the University also provide Psychological counselling to our students. Stress, anxiety, and various psychosomatic illnesses are quite common amongst the university community and the university medical officers have received specialized training in psychological counselling to help/treat members of the university community.

Robarosiya Student Society - University of Peradeniya

Robarosiya Student Society functions in collaboration with the Career Guidance Unit of the University since 2017. The aim of the society is sharing life experiences and peer help for transformation to university life, face challenges and march towards a successful future. You can be a Peer Supporter !

Engineering Faculty Welfare and Wellbeing Support

WaWS EFac is the student supporting unit established at the Faculty of Engineering and take initiatives in organizing seminars, workshops, and counselling programs for students psychological support during stressful times and further take actions for providing financial supports to the needy.

Are you Feeling Stressed or Confused ???

Engineering Faculty Welfare and Wellbeing Support (WaWS_EFac) committee has taken initiative to establish a dedicated counselling and support at the Faculty of Engineering. Two professional counsellors are in service 24/7 to support both the students and the staff. This is a dedicated service to the Faculty of Engineering by the Counselling and Psychological Support Unit, UOP.

Ms. Irangika Abeysundara 

Ms. Dulmini Perera 

Please contact them for your and your friend's requirements. See contact details and more information here.

FOE Counselling
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