Staff Research Areas - Groups

Research in the Department is organized around Research Groups. These groups bring together Academic staff, Research students and Research assistants with similar interests to focus on particular areas of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, develop projects, and share expertise. Incorporated within the sub-specilaization of the department are several research groups working on several multi- and inter-disciplinary projects. Each academic member can take part in different research groups as he/she is working on several thrust areas.

Further, DEEE members have formed several active research groups in collaborations with National and International Research Institutions and Industry Partners. Several such collaborative research projects can be found here.


Grouping According to the Member Research Areas


In the Electrical and Electronic Engineering specialization programme, there are 6 sub specializations identified by the department. DEEE Member experties under the sub-specializations: Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing (AISP), Biomedical Engineering (BME), Communication and Information Engineering (CIE), Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (EI), Power High Voltage and Energy Systems Engineering (PHE), and Control, Robotics and Automation Engineering (RCA), are listed below.


Prof. S.G. Abeyratne       Power Electronic Topologies, and their control, Industrial Applications Renewable energy conversion, Grid-Edge energy integration, Electrical Machines  
Prof (Mrs). M.B. Dissanayake Machine learning and Deep Learning applications, Image/Video processing and Analysis Medical Image Analysis Video Coding and Transmission, Software Define Networks, Error Correction Codes, Molecular Communication      
Prof. J.B. Ekanayake Signal Processing, AI/ML applications for Smart Grid     Power Electronic Applications Renewable Energy Generation and its integration (Wind and PV), Smart Grids  
Prof. M.P.B. Ekanayke Digital Signal Processing, Numerical techniques, Algorithms and programming, Vision and Imaging, Remote sensing and surveillance, Artificial intelligence applications Biomedical signal processing, Computational neuroscience     Signal Processing and AI applications in Smart Grid Dynamic Systems and Control Theory, Nonlinear systems and control, System modeling and identification, Mobile robotics
Prof. M.A.R.M. Fernando         Condition Monitoring, Diagnostics of power transformers and generators using dielectric spectroscopy, Lightning Protection, Power System Analysis  
Pro. G.M.R.I. Godaliyadda Spectral Imaging for Remote Sensing, food and Agriculture, Smart Surveillance, Image Enhancement, AI for Epidemiology – Modeling and Forecasting Bio Medical Signal Processing and Bio-Imaging – Fetal Condition Monitoring, AI for Bio-Medicine     Optical Wireless Communication   Signal Processing for the Smart Grid, AI, Control and Optimization Techniques for Renewable Energy Integration Computer Vision for Autonomous Navigation, Nonlinear Dynamics and Control
Prof. A. Gunawardena Signal and image processing with applications in radar       Antenna design     Microwave circuit/system design, microwave radar    
Prof. V.R. Herath Hyperspectral Imaging for remote sensing, Multispectral Imaging for food quality analysis, Artificial intelligence Computational epidemiology Coherent Optical Transmission Analog integrated circuit design    
Prof. K.M. Liyanage     Communication networks and Information security   Energy, Environment and Smart Grids – ICT application  
Prof. B.G.L.T. Samaranayake         EV Power train control, Solar PV systems Control systems, Robotics, Automation
Prof. D.N. Uduwawala     Broadband antenna design, Antennas above matter, Design of antennas for ground penetrating radar, Use of genetic algorithms to optimize antenna, Microstrip antennas, Computational Electromagnetism      
Dr. W.L. Abeygunasekara       Nano electronic devices, Organic electronic devices Organic solar cells, Modelling and simulation of solar cells  
Dr. P.J. Binduhewa       Power Electronic Converters Power Electronic Applications in power systems, Microgrids and Smart grids, Renewable energy generation and integration, Electric vehicles Controllers for Power Electronic Applications
Dr. D.M.I.S.I. Dasanayake   Computational neuroscience, Artificial pancreas for type 1 diabetes   VLSI design optimization   Optimal control theory and optimization
Dr. W.A.N.I. Harischandra Machine Learning and Deep learning applications, Signal and Image Processing Biomechanics, Sensorymotor integration, Computational Neuroscience   Active Sensing, Instrumentation       Bioinspired robotics, Industrial robotics, System Identification, Computer vision
Dr. K.D.R.J. Kumara     Statistical Signal Processing, Digital Radio Links   Nearshore Wave Energy Concentration, Wave Energy Convertors, Renewable Energy Generation  
Dr. U.S. Navaratne Agent Based Modeling for Smart Grid Applications       Smart Grids, Renewable Energy Integration and Control, Agent Based Modeling in Power Systems  
Dr. R.D.B. Ranaweera Biomedical Signal Processing Biomedical Instrumentation,Biomedical Signal Processing, PC based medical devices,Human-Computer-Interfacing, Medical Imaging Systems     Instrumentation and Medical Devices   Human-Computer-Interfacing
Dr. K.B.N. Ratnayake     Voice over IP - Protocols and Signaling, Speech Recognition and Synthesis, Linux Embedded Systems, Digital Audio Restoration, Computer Music      
Dr. K.R.M.N. Ratnayake       Analog and Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits Multilevel Inverters, SRM Motor Drives and PV Applications  
Dr. H.A.S.A. Suraweera     Wireless communications, Green communications, Full-duplex transmission, Wireless interference management, Cognitive radio, Wireless security, Multi-antenna communication systems      
Dr. W.M.M.T.S. Weerakoon Artificial Intelligence, ML & DL in Robotic Applications         Robotics and Control, Filed Robotics: Agricultural Robotics, Underwater Robotics, Service Robotics
Dr. J.V. Wijayakulasooriya Signal processing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Imaging and computer vision Bio Medical Signal Processing and Bio-Imaging – Fetal Condition Monitoring, AI for Bio-Medicine       Sensor fusion, Automated signature detection in signals, Estimation and tracking, Adaptive noise cancellation, Wireless sensor network  Smart meter data analytics, Optimization Computer Vision for Autonomous Navigation, Fuzzy control for autonomous navigation

Research Collaborations

Several DEEE research groups are conducting active research in collaborations with National and International Research Institutions and Industry Partners. Here, you will find a collection of collaborative project summaries.

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