Undergraduate Courses

Here you will find the list of Undergraduate Courses. For each course, Title, Code, Aim, Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOS) and a brief summary of Course Contents (major topics) are shown. You can also search or filter courses using the webform given below.


CO253: Introduction to Programming and Networking for Electrical Engineering

To introduce programming methodologies by using a lowlevel programming language and to introduce the basics of computer networks.

EE201: Network Analysis

To provide knowledge required to analyze basic electrical networks with passive components so that students will be able to understand and analyze different electrical circuits under steady state and transient conditions and dc and ac excitations.

EE251: Principles of Electrical Measurements

To provide an understanding of the fundamental concepts of electrical measurements and basic measuring instruments and the state of the art sensor technologies so that students will be able properly use different measuring instrument and undertake a mini-project based on what they have learnt.

EE252: Electronic Devices and Circuits

To familiarize the undergraduates with the electronics devices and components; To develop the principles, technological understanding and practical skills necessary for the design of basic electronic circuits.

EE253: Digital Logic Systems Design

To provide understanding of the fundamental concepts and tools required to analyze, design and implement digital logic circuits.

EE254: Electronic Instrumentation

To provide understanding of the fundamental concepts in electronic instrumentation and advanced measurement techniques and to design of solutions to instrumentation problems.

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