Pursue your Passion, Discover new Interests, and Thrive at DEEE

DEEE is an extraordinary place for students to realize their academic aspirations. With numerous opportunities beyond the classroom, students can explore new interests, connect with others, and build a supportive community that both inspires and motivates them to achieve their dreams. The department's student community is exceptional - students exhibit remarkable passion for their subjects and devote ample time to extracurricular activities. Their unwavering vision of making a positive impact on the world is truly inspiring.


Balancing Academics and Recreation

As a student of the DEEE program, you'll have access to numerous intellectual, cultural, and social events, recreational outings, public service opportunities, and other activities that will broaden your horizons and enrich your university experience. Our Undergraduate Program is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of all sub-disciplines of electrical and electronic engineering. And for those who wish to delve deeper, our Postgraduate Program will pave the way for advanced studies and research in this exciting field (Learn more).

Our students engage in numerous recreational activities across the Faculty and the Campus, pursuing interests outside the classroom that make DEEE a diverse community of endless discovery. With ample student organizations, clubs, and societies, the division of physical education, and several Faculty and Campus centers and units, the opportunities for students to explore their interests abound.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Society

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Society (EEES) is one of the most interactive societies in the University, having excellent relationship with University community and out side as well. EEES was formed in 2003 with the objectives to foster interest, understanding and research in the planning, design, manufacture maintenance and management of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering projects and to bring its members in closer contact with those engaged in the practice of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering.

EEES provide a forum for promoting and assisting the interchange of information relating to the field of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering among its members and other interested persons (Learn more).

Link to the EEES Social Media (Facebook) page is given here and there you can find updates on recent activities conducted by the society.


Where are our Alumni?

Whether it is starting their own company, furthering their education through postgraduate research, employed at a top ranked company in Sri Lanka or around the globe, our graduates are making ways for the future of technology, research, and education.


Mental Well-Being at DEEE

As a crucial aspect of their role, every academic member in the DEEE is a student advisor, serving as a source of guidance and support for their students. By providing assistance in everything from course registration to academic and non-academic related work, our staff members empower students to achieve their goals. With some staff members also serving as Senior Student Counselors, we are committed to ensuring that every student receives the support they need to thrive. And through additional resources provided by the University Health Centre, we ensure that counseling services are always available (Learn more).

Student Accommodation

Accommodation of DEEE students also is administered by the Accommodation Division of the University of Peradeniya. It provides a comprehensive service to all the students of the University by administering and allocating 19 hostels in the University, with the aim of supporting the student experience by providing efficient and effective accommodation services and facilities.

Awards, Scholarships and Studentships

Financial assistance is normally provided to needy undergraduates in the form of Scholarships and other Awards by individuals and organizations. While merit is the sole criterion for the award of Medals, Prizes and Scholarships, financial need is an important consideration in the award of Studentships. The criteria to select the best suitable student for each award and studentship may be revised to suit the course unit system and the changes in syllabi.

Endowed Academic Awards

The EOE Pereira Gold Medal and The Ceylon Electricity Board Gold Medal are the two medals that can be won by a DEEE student. There are number of Prizes for overall performance and for performance in a subject related to Electrical and Electronic Engineering. In addition to above, students who have shown academic excellence within a given academic year are awarded with the The Deans’ List.

For more information about all the medals, prizes, awards and studentships, please refer the Faculty Handbook.

Scholarships and Studentships

Mahapola Higher Education Merit Scholarships.
Mahapola Higher Education Scholarships awarded to needy students in the form of bursaries.
List of Open Studentships can be found in the Student Handbook

Religious Life

Religious beliefs and spirituality play a vital role in developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which is crucial for shaping a well-rounded individual in society. The ability to empathize and understand the emotions of others is a key aspect of emotional intelligence. As a DEEE student, you are encouraged to participate in spiritual activities organized by religious societies within the Faculty or University. Let your belief guide you towards emotional intelligence and become an inspiration to others. Our aim is to promote enriching dialogue, meaningful rituals, and enduring friendships among people of all religious backgrounds or no religious background.

--- Some of the Societies: Buddhist Brotherhood Association, Hindu Students Society, Muslim Majlis, and Newman Society.


Univeristy Student Services

Here you can find more information on University services, facilities etc available for Students.

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